Our Philosophy


"Learning and Loving Go Hand in Hand'

The Learning Tree Academy is unique in comparison to other daycare centers and childcare providers in our area, because our whole approach is to develop unique and intelligent young individuals through the strengthening of emotional, physical, and intellectual being.  We accomplish this through three basic fundamental beliefs:

They Must Know You Care Before They Care What You Know  

When it comes to teaching, our staff understand the importance of making sure each child knows he/she is special and loved.  Our staff works to create a family environment in the classroom, making sure each child that enters knows he/she has a place in our family just as they are.  The staff works to support and encourage each child as they develop and mature and do their best to help each child know they are a beautifully and wonderfully made child of God.

It Takes a Village to Raise a Child

The Learning Tree Academy was founded on the belief that it takes a village to raise a child.  While our staff do all they can to provide the best care and education possible for the development of each child, they also realize the importance of reinforcement and support from those in the home.  Through parent teacher conferences, behavior charts, assessments, and more, the staff continue to maintain a clear line of communication between school and home.  

Every Child is Unique

The staff at The Learning Tree Academy do their best to ensure each child receives the instruction and guidance that best suits his/her style of learning.  Through the incorporation of various activities which teach to different styles of learning (ex: auditory, visual, hands on) the staff work to create a learning environment that is condusive to all.